About our company

About our company

The KASZPOL company exists since 1995. It specializes in the purchase of buckwheat and millet grains, the production and sale of buckwheat and millet groats, and transport services. Our goal is to deepen contacts with customers from all over the world and to offer high quality products. Our offer includes the following products:

  • white buckwheat groats
  • broken buckwheat groats
  • millet groats
  • organic millet groats
  • buckwheat flour
  • buckwheat husk 
We also produce organic groats and have an ECO certificate. 
Additionally, we provide services in domestic and international transport. We have truck tractors with semi-trailers, as well as trucks with trailers and delivery trucks. We establish contacts with companies in Lithuania, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, the Czech Republic, Hungary and other European Union countries.
Based on many years of experience, we provide the highest quality of services.
We obtain the raw material for the production of groats from large Polish producers, as well as from other countries.
Our greatest advantage is the high quality of our goods – we owe it to SORTEX optical sorters.
For regular customers, we have favorable discounts and a guarantee of goods delivery.


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Aneta i Grzegorz Ziółkowscy

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